Tyger River Fire Department - 864.949.6061
Don't train until you get it right,
Train until you can't get it wrong...

The Tyger River Fire Department prides itself on our aggressive training program led by Lt. Thomas Tardo. Lt. Tardo has been with our department for several years and just recently left the Army to serve as a firefighter. He is a full time firefighter with the City of Greenville and a part time training officer with the Tyger River Fire Department. We are very proud to have Lt. Tardo lead such a great program. 

In House Training
Drill is held every Tuesday Night and all Members are encouraged to attend.  Other drills may be scheduled and members will be notified of any other training opportunities


Off Site Trainingr the SC Fire Academy's 2016 Course Listings  Click here

Members are encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities offered by the SC Fire Academy.



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